Planning Guidance and Resource Consents


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Will you need a Resource Consent?

Any development, be it subdivision or other proposed use of a site, must be assessed against the Operative Opotiki District Plan. Anything not permitted by the district plan requires a resource consent. Activities that may require a resource consent range from building too close to the boundary, to planning a new multi-level apartment building, to wanting to set up a work from home business. Opotiki District Council issues two types of resource consent covering land use and subdivisions.

You need to apply for a land use resource consent if a building or proposed activity doesn't comply with the district plan.

You need a subdivision resource consent if a new section is to be created from an existing section, or you're planning to adjust the boundary of your property.

Some activities may proceed without resource consent as a permitted activity, if they comply in all respects with any conditions set in the district plan. The district plan identifies the conditions for permitted activities in each particular zone. Check the district planning maps to determine which zone the location of your proposed activity is in. If your proposed activity is not listed as permitted, or does not comply with the zone standards, it will require resource consent.

How to apply for a Resource Consent

You will need to complete a Resource Consent Application (PDF, 916KB). If you’re applying for subdivision consent, you also need to complete a Section 223/224 and Other Associated Documents Application (PDF, 504KB). 

You will need to seek approval from any persons affected by your proposal by completing the Written Approval of Affected Persons form (PDF, 868KB).

An initial deposit fee for processing the application will be charged at the time of lodgement in accordance with the planning and resource management fees and charges which can be found in our Fees and Charges Schedule​ (PDF, 551KB).

Further information on fees and information that is required to be lodged with your application can be found in the Resource Consent Application document.

Resource consent applications have a statutory processing timeframe of 20 working days, provided all the relevant information is attached and the application can be processed without limited or public notification.​

Flood levels information required for resource consent applications

When applying for resource consent, you need to include a letter from Bay of Plenty Regional Council confirming the AEP flood level of the application site. A letter can be obtained free of charge by either phoning BOPRC on 0800 884 881 or emailing your name, the address of the property you are seeking an AEP for, and your phone number to info@bopr​ BOPRC will take up to 5 working days to provide you with the letter.

Floor level advice notice for building consent applicants​ (PDF, 285KB)

Change or cancel a consent condition

To change or cancel conditions attached to a resource consent (other than the duration of the consent), complete and submit an application for change or cancellation of resource consent condition form (PDF, 620KB).

Transferring a resource consent

To transfer a resource consent, complete and submit the transfer of resource consent form (PDF, 640KB).​ The form must be completed and signed by both the current and new consent holder.

How to make a submission on a Resource Consent

You will need to complete a Submission on Resource Consent application form​ (PDF, 443KB).

You can scan the completed form and email to us at​, post to PO Box 44, Opotiki 3162 or drop in to our Customer Services desk at 108 St John Street, Opotiki.

Deemed Permitted Boundary Activities

If your activity is a boundary activity and you are able to provide us with the required information, it may be approved as a deemed permitted boundary activity without requiring resource consent.

Complete the Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity application form (PDF, 459KB) and get written approval from the owner(s) of the neighbouring properties where the infringements occur by completing the Deemed Permitted Boundary Written Approval form (PDF, 417KB).

Further information on deemed permitted boundary activities is available on the Ministry for the Environment's website.

Certificate of Compliance

If your proposed activity does not require resource consent, you can apply for a certificate of compliance by completing a Certificate of Compliance application form (PDF, 543KB).

A certificate of compliance is not mandatory, but it provides official recognition that your activity can take place without resource consent and gives protection against future changes for its five-year term. It's up to you to provide evidence of your proposed activity's compliance with the district plan. We'll process your application and issue a certificate if we're satisfied the activity is permitted without a resource consent.​

Occupation order for a Hapu Partition

The Council will provide a letter giving preliminary advice around the site and proposed activity on the piece of land where an Occupation Order/Hapu Partition is being sought from the Maori Land Court.

Applicants will need to send an email or letter with a description of the proposal and a scaled site plan showing the whole Maori land block, which clearly identifies where the proposed occupation order relates to and is to scale showing the size of the respective sites in square metres.

An initial deposit fee for processing the application will be charged at the time of lodgement in accordance with the planning and resource management fees and charges which can be found in our Fees and Charges Schedule​ (PDF, 551KB).

How to arrange contact with our planning and resource consents team

We encourage you to discuss your proposal with us at an early stage to confirm what type of consents you need and ensure you understand the resource consent process.

By phone or email or in person

If you would like a member of the team to call or email you to discuss your enquiry or make an appointment to meet with you, phone us on (07) 315 3030 to lodge a call, email or appointment request or click here to use our easy online request a call, email or appointment online form​.

​How long will it take us to respond?

We have set a service standard of 5 days to call or email you back to either discuss your enquiry or set an appointment date and time. And we have a service standard of 10 working days to have the appointment with you.

If your request is urgent, please note this on the form and we will do our best to respond as quickly as we can - we are a small team though and this is not always possible. Any change to our service timeframes is at the discretion of the Planning and Regulatory Manager.​​

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