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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Online by Credit card, Debit card and Real Time Debit

Check out the range of invoices that can be paid online on our Pay It Online​​​​ page.  We accept Visa and Mastercard​ Credit and Debit cards.

We recommend reading the Online payments - Terms and Conditions before using the online payment facilities.

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About Credit / Debit card payments

Opotiki District Council does not charge a credit card convenience fee, but please check with your card issuer about any other fees and charges that may be applied to your credit card transaction under your agreement with your card issuer.

If the payment is made using a credit card issued outside New Zealand, any currency conversion will be done according to the terms and conditions of the card – there may be currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer.

Transactions are processed within two working days of the payment.

About Real Time Debit payments

Real Time Debit using a BNZ or Westpac bank account allows you a direct connection to your bank. You can make a payment using your own funds straight from your own bank account so there is no additional cost to make your payment online.

Like our currently payment gateway Real Time Debit is securely hosted by Datacom. Datacom never has access to your internet banking or password details. You are safely redirected through to your own banks online environment. As more banks come on board with Real Time Debit, this will be available to other Bank customers as well.

​Please contact us regarding refunds for overpayments or incorrect payments or if you require assistance with an online payment.

Telephone or Internet Banking/Bill Pay/Direct Credit

You can arrange with your bank to pay your invoices or fees by telephone or Internet banking/Bill Pay.

To use Bill Pay, once logged in to your bank, go to your payments menu and search for Opotiki District Council-Rates, Opotiki District Council-Water, Opotiki District Council-Sundry Debtors or Opotiki District Council-Other Fees and select the correct option for the payment you are making.

Please use the following details when making your payment by online banking to ensure that it will be receipted correctly.

​Rates ​​​Surname as per rates invoice​Initials as per rates invoice​Valuation number



​Account number

Additional space for your account number where it is extended​

(You have been sent an invoice)
​Account name as shown on invoiceInvoice number as shown on invoice
For Other-Fees
(You have not been sent an invoice)
Customer name​Fee Type (e.g. deposit)​Enter the type of application or fee the payment is for ​e.g. LIM, PIM, Resource Consent, Building Consent etc

Direct Debit

Direct Debit allows rates, sundry invoices and water accounts to be paid by Direct Debit and for payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account.

The advantages include time saving, no hassle with postage, payments are made to suit you and there are no worries about penalty charges.

Contact us at any time to cancel or suspend the authority when you are paying current rates.

Click here to download a Direct Debit form: Direct De​bit form (PDF, 185 KB)

Cash Payments

If you would like to pay by cash, cheque or Eftpos you are welcome to come to our offices in Opotiki​ at 108 St John Street.


You can post a cheque payment to:

Opotiki District Council
PO Box 44
Opotiki 3162

Please enclose the remittance advice with your cheque to ensure payment is allocated to the correct property. Do not post cash.

Receipts will not be issued unless they are specifically requested.

Our Bank Account

If your bank does not have Bill Payment, our bank account no. is ANZ Tauranga 01-0434-0334454-00. Please ensure you enter the correct reference details as shown above to ensure your payment gets to your account.​


As we have many different functions, it is important to include the appropriate payment code and reference details with a payment to ensure that it is paid to the correct account.​

Where one transfer is made for several accounts – for example three rate accounts, a water account and a building consent application – we can process these if a detailed schedule is e-mailed or faxed on the day that the payment is made.

Our fax number is +64 (7) 315 7050 or e-mail​​

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