What to do in an Emergency

​​Click on one of the links below to go through to the Get Thru website for full information on what to do before, during and after an emergency for each type of disaster.

Circular graphic of a volcano with steam coming out of it and the text VolcanoGet Thru - What to do - Volcanos

Graphic of jagged lines representing seismic movement and the text Earthquake Get Thru - What to do - Earthquake

Circular graphic of a storm cloud with lightening coming out of it and the text Storms Get Thru - What to do - Storms

Circular image of soil and rock sliding down a hill and the text Landslide Get Thru - What to do - Landslide​

Circular graphic of a large wave with the text Tsunami Get Thru - What to do - Tsunami

Circular image of a house with flood waters around it and the text Flood Get Thru - What to do - Flood​

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