​​​​​​​​​​​​​Council's aim is to provide attractive burial places where the community can remember loved ones and celebrate our district's heritage.

Our Cemeteries

We operate 3 cemeteries: Kelly St, Waitangi and Te Ranginui.​​


Kelly St is an old military cemetery. This cemetery is closed.


Waitangi (Opotiki Lawn Cemetery) is our largest cemetery. This cemetery includes the RSA sections and also the niche wall. The earliest grave recorded is 1875. Burial plots at this cemetery are now full. The niche wall and the RSA sections are still in operation.


Our newest cemetery is Te Ranginui (Woodlands). This cemetery was opened in 2008.

Pre-purchase of burial plots

​Plots may be pre-purchased. You can make an application by using our ONL​INE FORM​ or download a PDF copy Reserve Plot Application Form (PDF, 104KB).


​An application for a burial warrant must be submitted and approved by Council before burial/or interment of ashes can commence. We require at least 24hrs prior notice.

You can make an application by using our ONL​INE FORM or download a PDF copy Burial Warrant Application Form (PDF, 95KB)

Burials can be held: 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 1pm Saturday. There are no burials on public holidays.

Headstones and Memorials

An application is required from Council prior to the erection of any monument, memorial, foundation, headstone, gravestone or any other structure. You can make an application by using our ONL​INE FORM or download a PDF copy Monument Application Form (PDF, 88KB).​

Dimensions for monuments:

Cremation Strip:   Single plaque L350mm x H250mm

Headstone:           Max.  L1m x H1m x W400mm

Niche Wall:           L240 x H150​


To find out about Fees and Charges​ (PDF, 551KB) or to book a service you can contact our main office​ or make an online enquiry.

​Records and information​

A dedicated group led by Sonia Edwards supported by Opotiki District Council and with the assistance of Creative New Zealand Creative Communities funding has built a web resource allowing both locals and those overseas to access their heritage. 

This website provides access to information held at Opotiki District Council about burials at three public cemeteries in Opotiki township.  We thank Sonia for allowing us to provide the link for you here.

Opotiki Cemeteries Search​

Interment records are also kept at our main office at 108 St John Street, Opotiki and are accessible during normal working hours. The information is available to families, relatives, and friends and may also be used for genealogical research.​​


Council is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the cemetery grounds.  This includes mowing lawns, pruning trees and bushes, cutting hedges and back filling sunken graves.  We do not maintain any structures and/or headstones on a grave.  All maintenance associated with the headstone is the responsibility of the owner or the next of kin.  

Planting and Ornaments

Flowers can be left on grave mounds on the lawn plots for approximately one month after which the mound is levelled and sown in grass.  After this, please feel free to leave planters and flowers on the concrete berm at the cemetery. We respectfully ask that you refrain from placing plantings/ornaments or glass containers on the grassed areas of Council lawn cemeteries.

Returned and Services Association (RSA) section

Burials in this section require an application to Ōpōtiki District Council, as well as contacting the RSA.  These plots are owned by the RSA.


Cemetery locations

Above: Kelly Street​ (Old Military) cemetery. Ctrl + click on image to open in Google Maps.


Above: Waitangi (Opotiki Lawn Cemetery). Ctrl + click on image to open in Google Maps.

Above: Te Ranginui (Woodlands). Ctrl + click on image to open in Google Maps​.

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