Relocatable Building Guidance

​​Guidance notes

The purpose of this guidance is to provide information on how Opotiki District Council Building Consent Authority deals with building project involving the moving or relocation of a building.

Removing or demolishing an existing building

Under Exemption 30 of Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, a building consent application is not required to remove or demolish an existing building if the building is standalone and is not more than three storeys high. You are advised to check with the Planning team to ensure compliance also with the District Plan.

If a building consent is not required, it is the responsibility of the building owner and owner’s agent to ensure any building work will comply with the building code, including that:

  • Services are correctly terminated by capping and sealing them off inside the boundary;
  • Hazardous building materials are properly disposed of;
  • Silt control measures are put in place;
  • The site is secured to restrict and protect the public from construction hazards.

A building consent however is required to relocate a building to another site with the relevant Building Consent Authority/Council of that district. Relocation building consent is also required for re-positioning of a building on the same site.

Relocation of a new building

For relocating a new building to another site, the construction of the new building should have been consented and signed off with a Code Compliance Certificate by the relevant Building Consent Authority/Council where the construction work took place.

The Code Compliance Certificate is required to show/verify that the building (as new built) was built and constructed in accordance with the building code. Copy of the Code Compliance Certificate can be used to demonstrate that the building will be suitable for the new site.

Without a Code Compliance Certificate, it is then up to the owner/applicant to provide supporting documentation that can confirm or verify suitability and fitness for purpose of the building (as new built). A third party report as referenced above could be an option.

Relocating a second hand building to another site

As part of a building consent application, supporting documentation will be required to verify how the existing building will be suitable and that existing condition of the building will be fit for purpose at the new location; taking into account the local and environmental condition of the site.

The supporting documentation must come as a written inspection report by a suitably qualified independent person. The document should include the following (in particular but is not limited to):

  • Suitable condition of existing building for the new site:
    • Structural condition of existing building;
    • Durability performance of existing building and building elements;
    • Suitability of existing building elements with the environment expected at the new site;
    • Whether there is any asbestos present in the existing building.
  • Prepared scope of works:
    • Details how the building will be relocated to the site. Whether the building will be cut to enable its transportation.
    • Details and specification for re-construction or re-instating any cut required for transportation. Details of how any cut structural member will be reinstated adequately. Where deemed necessary, design input by structural engineer will also be required.
    • Details of how the cuts will be made weathertight (cut to roof and wall cladding).
    • Details of any other remedial works as part of the relocation i.e. repairs/replacement of rotten or damaged framing timbers, re-roofing, re-cladding, plumbing fittings/fixtures, etc.
    • Details of any other additional works required to make the building suitable at new location i.e. additional wall bracing or uplift fixing required for higher wind zone, upgrade of metal fixing with higher corrosion zone, etc.
  • Other supporting documents:
    • Floor plan showing existing layout of the building.
    • Photo evidence of the inspection and condition of existing building, including photos of all four elevations.
    • Foundation/Pile layout and subfloor framing plan for the new location of the dwelling.

All building consent applications must be submitted online.

Competence of the independent suitably qualified person

Council may accept an inspection report from an independent suitably qualified person, this may include:

  • Registered Building Surveyor or building consultant experienced in the type and scale of the project.
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