Changes to Approved Building Consents


A minor variation is a minor change to a Building Consent that does not usually affect compliance with the Building Code.  The approval of a minor variation is at the discretion of the Building Officer and generally requires a separate inspection to be booked.

Examples of minor variation changes could include:
  • ​Change of one product to a comparable product
  • Minor repositioning of external openings
  • Minor changes to wall bracing
  • Change of layout of plumbing fixtures
Sometimes a submitted Minor Variation application is not minor and an amendment application will be required for the change.  Some examples of these are:
  • Changes to cladding systems and roofing
  • Changes to the approved footprint of the building
  • Changes to siting
  • Any changes that would have to be assessed by other Council departments, i.e. development engineering, infrastructure or planning
If the building consent has been issued, the work has started and you want to make a minor change to the approved building consent plans you will need to:​
  1. Stop work on the part of build you want to change
  2. Have plans and supporting documentation updated by your Designer (2 copies)
  3. Book an inspection – noting the inspection is to cover a change to building work or discuss the matter with Inspector when you have a scheduled inspection
  4. Inspector will determine whether the change will recorded by Minor Variation or Amendment to Building Consent
  5. Minor Inspection – Both parties should complete and sign minor variation form. Update site pack with new information and give the other set of documentation to Inspector for inclusion on Building Consent record
  6. Amendment – Apply via  online serv​​ices page.

The application and information will be reviewed by the building officer during the site inspection and if approved, will be stamped approved, dated and signed.  One copy of the information is to be retained with the site pack and the second copy will be scanned into the Council’s records for the building consent.

 If the building officer decides that the changes are beyond the scope of minor, you will need to submit an application for an amendment to the building consent. 


If the proposed change is significantly different to your approved plans, you must apply for a formal amendment to the approved building consent t​hroug​​h our online system.

Some examples of amendments include, but are not limited to:
  • ​Any alteration that increases or decreases the floor area of the building
  • Relocating or removing internal load-bearing supports
  • Substantive changes to ground level, resulting in changes to foundations or retaining structures
  • Changes to fire safety aspects
An application for amendment is processed in the same way as a building consent application. Council is required to process the amendment application within 20 working days, and charges for processing at the same hourly rates - unless the changes are extensive.  However, amended consents can usually be processed quickly.
The amendment application must be approved prior to undertaking the building work.
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