Animal Control

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Council's role in animal control is to register dogs, care for and impound roaming animals, deal with complaints from the public that relate to animals including dogs, promote community education on dog care and safety, and ensure that all new dogs are microchipped.

There is a legal requirement for Council to be involved in animal control activities under the Dog Control Act 1996 and the Impounding Act 1955.​

Animal Control Requests for Service

To contact us about an animal control problem call (07) 315 3030. This number is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

You can also use our online 'Contact Us or Report a Problem' form or email​

Animal welfare concerns

If you have concerns about an animal being neglected or treated with cruelty or you have other animal welfare concerns please contact the SPCA on 07-3492955 and follow the prompts.

SPCA Inspectors and Field Officers work on the front line every day, rescuing animals that have been in an accident, abused, neglected or abandoned. Last year they attended over 15,000 call-outs to rescue animals at risk across New Zealand.​

You can read more about the work of the SPCA on their website:

​​​​​​Dog Registration Information

All dogs in New Zealand over the age of three months must be registered by law. Dog registration is renewed every year on 1 July. 

A 50% penalty fee will apply for payments not made by the due date. The owner may also have to pay an infringement fee and the dog may be impounded.

If you get a new dog, you need to register it in your name. The cost to register puppies is at a proportion of the annual fees based on when the pup was three months of age. Please let us know if your dog has changed owners, you have changed address, or if your dog dies, as you may be entitled to a refund.

​Dog Registration Cost​Charges 1 July 2019
​Complete Dog$110.00​
​Neutered Dog​$55.00
​Working Dog*​​$40.00
​Certified companion dogs, hearing dogs and guide dogs​$15.00

* At the Ordinary Council meeting on 23 April 2019, Council resolved that hunting dogs that are kept solely or principally for the purposes of hunting game by a person undertaking legal hunting activities, and that have completed avian awareness and aversion training, be declared to be working dogs for the purposes of the Dog Control Act 1996.

Replacement registration tags can be purchased for $5. You must state the reason on the registration form e.g. lost.

For a full list of the fees associated with animal management and dog registration, please see our 
Fees and Charges schedule (PDF, 551KB).​

How to register your dog

You can use our online form to submit an application to register a new dog. Dog Registration Application form.

When we receive your application we will contact you with the amount you need to pay, and ways to make payment, before your dog's registration and tag is issued.

Or you can fill in this form PDF form, save a copy to your computer and then email the completed form to Dog Registration Application​​​​​​ (PDF, 764 KB). When we receive your application we will contact you with the amount you need to pay, and ways to make payment, before your dog's registration and tag is issued.

Or you can complete a form at our office and our customer services officers will take your payment and issue your dog's tag.

If you need any assistance please contact our customer services team on 07 3153030.

How to pay your registration renewal

The easiest and quickest way to pay for your dog registration renewal is ONLINE​ through our online services portal. We'll then post the tag/s out to you at no extra charge.

For all other ways to pay see our Payment Options page​.


All dogs in the Opotiki District need to be microchipped. This is a small computer chip inserted under the skin which is used to identify your dog if it gets lost or stolen.

The only exemptions are working dogs that are kept solely for herding or stock driving.

Benefits of microchipping:

  • Identification if your dog is lost or ends up at the pound
  • Permanent method of identification
  • Increases the chances of stolen dogs being returned.

Our Animal Control Officers can microchip your dog for you.  Call our Customer Service desk on (07) 315 3030 and ask to speak with an Animal Control Officer.

The cost for microchipping can be found in our Fees and Charges schedule​ (PDF, 551KB).

Dog Control Policy and Practices Report

The Dog Control Amendment Act 2003 requires council to make an annual report available on how it has performed against its Dog Control Policy and Practices.

​Click here to view a copy of the ODC Dog Control Policies and Practices Report​​ (PDF, 80KB​)

Stock Control

Stock control is carried out under the 1955 Impounding Act and aims to remove roaming stock from roads and reserves to prevent hazards and/or damage to the environment.  Reports about roaming stock may be made to the Council at any time of the day or night by phoning (07) 315 3030.​

Full details of fees and charges related to droving and impound of stock can be found in our Fees and Charges schedule​ (PDF, 551KB)​.​​

Our Pound

Our pound is open Monday to Friday from 9.15am  to 9.30am and 4.00pm to 4.30pm, excluding public holidays. All outstanding fees need to be paid at the Council's offices and a receipt shown to the Animal Control Officer at the pound before they will release your dog.

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