Decisions on submissions to the Proposed District Plan


​​​​​​​​​The Council notifies the availability of its decisions to the Proposed District Plan.  Only those people who were submitters or further submitters may lodge an appeal with the Environment Court.

The decision is made up of three reports:

  1. Overall decision report
  2. Track change Proposed Plan
  3. Tables by chapter with responses to individual submission points

Overall decision report

Overall decision report​ (PDF, 2.71MB)

Track change Proposed Plan​

Planning maps

​Tables of decisions on submissons by chapter with responses to individual submission points

Council resolution

District Plan review decision notification resolution by Council​ (PDF, 31KB)

​If you have questions about the Proposed District Plan you can contact our planning and resource consents team in the following ways:

By phone or email or in person

If you would like a member of the team to call or email you to discuss your enquiry or make an appointment to meet with you, phone us on (07) 315 3030 to lodge a call, email or appointment request or click here to use our easy online request a call, email or appointment online form.

​How long will it take us to respond?

We have set a service standard of 5 days to call or email you back to either discuss your enquiry or set an appointment date and time. We have a service standard of 10 working days to have the appointment with you.

If your request is urgent, please note this on the form and we will do our best to respond as quickly as we can - we are a small team though and this is not always possible. Any change to our service timeframes is at the discretion of the Planning and Regulatory Manager.​​​

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