Operative District Plan

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Please note that the District Plan is currently being reviewed. Find out more about the Proposed District Plan Review.


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This section introduces the district and the resources of the Opotiki District. The purpose of the District Plan and the plan's guiding principles are included in this section to enable readers to obtain an understanding of the philosophy of the plan - where the plan is coming from.


Part II contains the main text of the Plan. The sections of Part II are of two types:

  • District wide (Sections 1 - 11 and Section 20 and 21) that are applicable across the entire district.
  • Zone specific (Sections 12 - 19)​​

Part III of the District Plan contains the district planning maps, outstanding (significant) features, ecological districts, and the Opotiki district land use capability (LRI) series.

Please use the index map below to locate the map you are looking for and then click on the appropriate map link in the tables below.

Please use the legend below to identify what the different notations on the maps mean. ​

1.0 Operative District Planning Maps

2.0 Outstanding (Significant) Features and Ecological Districts Map

​​3.0 Land Use Capability (LRI) Maps



​​District Plan Changes

Changes​​ to sections 7 and 19 as a result of Plan Change 1 being made operative:

To view changes to Map 2b as a result of Plan Change 1 being made operative click here - M​ap 2b

Date of Adoption

Opotiki District Plan
22 September 2005
Opotiki District Council
PO Box 44
Opotiki 3162



It is hereby certified that this is the Operative Opotiki District Plan approved by resolution of the Council on 13th September 2005.

The Council has further resolved that the Plan shall become operative on Thursday 22 September 2005.

The Common Seal of the Opotiki District Council was affixed hereto this 13th September 2005, in the presence of:

John Forbes

Vaughan Payne

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