Work is starting on private sewer pipes in town


​If you’re one of the property owners who signed a consent to be eligible for free inspection, and possible repairs, of your wastewater pipes, you’ll be glad to know that Abbots Drainage Ltd, NZ Lining (Quickshot) and Waiotahi Contractors Ltd are our appointed contractors and they’re starting CCTV inspections next week.

They’ll work in different areas (see pics for the first blocks up) and will contact households by letter, and then by phone or in person, 24hrs before coming onto property. No need to vacuum or put the kettle on though – the inspections are outside your house and under the ground. What would help them out is if you can keep dogs tied up and children away from the work area.

Thanks for your patience and support in getting this important work completed. If you have any questions, contact details for the contractors will be on the letters they send you, or call our Engineering team on 07 3153030.

You can read more about his project on our Opotiki Sewerage Upgrade project page​.

Block 10

Block 14

Block 7

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