Council Bylaws and Dog Control Policy review


Ōpōtiki District Council has reviewed the district's bylaws as required by the Local Government Act 2002. The Dog Control Policy has also been reviewed in accordance with section 10AA of the Dog Control Act 1996. 

Bylaws are rules made by local authorities (councils) that affect how people live, work and play.  They help councils manage problems or issues that are considered significant in a local area in a way that best meets the community's needs.  

In the review of the bylaws, Council has made several major amendments; these include:

  • the proposed repeal of the Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2008 and the Hostels Bylaw 2008
  • restructuring the remaining bylaws to create a consolidated bylaw
  • including an Introduction and Amenity bylaw in the consolidated bylaw

A consolidated bylaw will reduce the amount of repetition while still enabling changes to be made as required. 

Ōpōtiki District Council wants your feedback on the proposed changes to the Bylaws and Dog Control Policy.

Full information on the review can be found on our ​Review of Opotiki District Council Bylaws and Dog Control Policy page​.

The draft proposed consolidated bylaw and dog control policy will be available for comment from Monday 2 December 2019 to Friday 28 February 2020.  

Page reviewed: 04 Dec 2019 2:35pm