Important information about your kerbside collection service


​​​​Council has made a commitment to increasing recycling capacity and that will mean upcoming changes to the service.

Until then the collection service will run as normal, with all recyclable materials collected each week.


With the Government phase-out of single-use plastic shopping bags now in effect, residents may need to find alternative containers in which to place the four types of recycling – aluminium, glass, paper and plastic.​

If recycling isn't separated, it can't be collected by our contractors.

The collectors need to quickly identify each type of recycling and be able to lift it into the trailer. Any medium sized container - approximately the size of the 20L crate - will do. This could be a ​sturdy cardboard box or a plastic container, basket, bucket or bin or an opaque kitchen tidy-bag. The contractors will empty and leave any of your alternative re-usable plastic containers on the kerb for you to use again.  (If you use a cardboard box or plastic bag these will probably be collected along with your recycling and taken away).



Council decided in late December to change the recyclable kerbside collection from plastic bags to the more efficient 4-bin system.

Staff are now working towards the new system, which will see new crates issued to each household, for separating and tidily storing your recyclables until collection.

When introduced, the new system will collect two types of recyclables on alternate weeks – i.e. the contents of your aluminium crate and your paper crate one week and then your glass crate and plastic crate the following week.

The new crates are on order and we’ll let you know when we have them. Once everyone has their additional crates we will let you know the start date for the new system. There will be lots more information to come, to ensure the new system is introduced as smoothly as possible.


Page reviewed: 02 Apr 2019 3:44pm