Delivery of crates and bin starting soon

10/06/2019 12:00 p.m.

​Council is changing the urban kerbside refuse and recycling collection service to stop dog strike, allow for increased recycling capacity, and decrease the need for non-recyclable single use supermarket bags.

All properties on the urban kerbside collection service will soon get new recycling crates and a 45L wheeled refuse bin.​

Here's what's coming

We’re moving to a more efficient four crate system for recycling, and a 45L wheeled bin for residual refuse. The service will switch to two recyclables collected per week. Paper and tin one week and glass and plastic the next. Information on how the new system works will be included with the crates and bin. What’s important now is that everyone on the urban kerbside recycling and refuse collection route gets their crates and bin.​

Our dates for delivery

We’re expecting to start delivery on Tuesday, 18 June and finish on Saturday, 29 June.​

How delivery will work

We need residents to sign for the crates and bin, so our contractor will first try to deliver them to each property on the collection route. If no one is home when they visit, they’ll leave a flyer with information on how the crates and bin can be collected instead.​

How to collect if the contractor leaves behind a flyer​

If residents are not home when the contractor visits they’ll leave a flyer with details on how residents can collect instead. The collection place listed on the flyer will be open every day from Tuesday, 18 June until Sunday, 14 July from 4-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.

If a resident is left a flyer but circumstances mean they are not able to collect the crates and bin from us, they can ring our contractor on 029 772 1187 for help.

If residents haven’t received delivery OR a flyer by Monday, 1 July they can also call our contractor on 029 772 1187 for help.​

Further information on delivery and the how the new system will work can be found on our Kerbside collection changes page on this website and our FAQ page​.

Page reviewed: 10 Jun 2019 12:35pm