Council's year on a page

​​​​Ōpōtiki District Council's Annual Report is now available and a summary is being circulated in various forms to ensure everyone has a chance to get their head around Council performance in the past year.

Ōpōtiki's mayor, John Forbes, explained the need for transparency.

"It is fundamental to everything we do that we are transparent and report openly and honestly on how we are spending ratepayer funds. One of the ways we do that is to publish an annual 'report card' in the form of our Annual Report. It measures how well we have done on a range of fronts – have we spent above or below budget? Have we achieved what we said we would achieve? What unexpected activities came up?

"I appreciate that a thick, sometimes technical document like an Annual Report doesn't make easy reading for everyone, so we also produce a shorter summary version and a double-page spread​ in the Ōpōtiki News. Print-outs will also be around in places like Council offices and the library.

"I encourage everyone to take a moment and check how the Council is performing and get a sense of where Council money is spent. The more people who have a strong understanding of Council work and spending, the better the feedback we get from the community on future direction," Mr Forbes said.

The Council's full and summary reports can be found on the Annual Reports​​ page on our website, in Council's reception area or at the library. You can also request a copy of the summary be sent to you by emailing or phoning 07 3153030. 

Page reviewed: 12 Dec 2017 2:17pm