Information requested by candidates

This enables Council information to be available to all candidates on an equal basis.


(raised in relation to the rates arrears report published in the Quarterly report to 31 December 2018, to Ordinary Council meeting 12 March 2019).

  1. What was the total number of ratepayers who were in arrears, as at 31 December 2018. Answer -  The total number was 865.
  2. What was the total number of ratepayers? Answer - The total number or ratepayers was 4,074. The total number of rateable units at 30 June 2019 was 5,636. 

    It should be noted that a ratepayer may well comprise multiple rating units.  Additionally, ratepayers with the same name (e.g.​ "the owners") are only counted once.​

Official information request: Mechanics Institute and 109 Church Street.

Official information request dated 24 August 2019.
The information you have requested follows:
1) Copy of deed of gift for Mechanics Institute.
This is attached. Please note we have also provided an unsigned draft copy to assist. The signed copies held by Council are difficult to read however we are able to acquire a clearer signed copy from our Solicitor at a cost should you wish.
2) The date of sale of 109 Church Street, Ōpōtiki. Title GS5D/553 Lot9 11965ak?
15 July 2014.
3) The name of the purchaser?
Kang and Chen Family Trust.
4) A copy of the Council resolution/motion authorising this sale including the mover and seconded of this resolution and were there any recorded votes against this Council motion. Including the date of this motion.
Resolution from 16 July 2013 in-committee minutes. This was one part of a six part resolution – the other parts relating to other specific properties. The resolution was retained in-committee.

That in terms of the future treatment of Mechanics Institute property Council resolves to sell at the best possible outcome to Council.
Browne/Petersen Carried

5) Question not relevant due to answer to 4) above.
Please note that due to our election protocols the above information will now be made available to all candidates standing at the 12 October 2019 Election.

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