Ōpōtiki town centre revitalisation project

​​​We want the Ōpōtiki town centre to be a vibrant area that reflects the past, present and future communities.

We'd like your input into the development of a structure plan and design guidelines to help shape how we want it to look. ​

Structure Plan

At the Council meeting on 23 July 2019, Council agreed to start the revitalisation of the Ōpōtiki town centre with a structure plan and design guidelines for the precinct. 

A structure plan is a way of bringing together various pieces of information like current and future land uses and infrastructure to ensure a co-ordinated 'way forward' for the town centre. 

A structure plan is usually presented as a map with broad principles and an overview of the issues, strategies and an implementation plan.  It will take into account a future harbour and consider matters such as the following:

  • the types of current and future land uses
  • the character or themes for the town centre precinct including culture and heritage and how these can be reflected in the streetscape, open space and buildings
  • public and children's art
  • Gateway, town centre information and advertising signage
  • a crime and safety audit
  • the location of current and future infrastructure including vehicle parking, cycle paths, open space, reserves and street furniture.

​Design guidelines

The design guidelines will focus on things that contribute to the look, form and nature of buildings and business advertising signage.  This is things like

  • features and materials that reflect the heritage and cultural characteristics identified in the structure plan
  • minimum floor areas, car spaces, window sizes for the residential components of a building, this would predominantly be focussed on residential accommodation above commercial units
  • energy efficiency and infrastructure requirements, for example the siting and size of solar panels
  • flood management and earthquake measurers
  • building colours (a broad range which reflects the heritage and cultural characteristics identified in the structure plan)  
  • features that provide protection from the sun, wind and rain

​Next steps

It is anticipated that the draft structure plan and design guidelines will be available early next year.  Council would adopt the final versions in July 2020. 

Once adopted, Council will work with the community, building owners and tenants to enact the vision that the community sees for our town centre. Council will have a number of roles – as manager of infrastructure such as roads and footpaths, landlord of some buildings, and as a regulatory body to ensure compliance to legislation (safe, sanitary buildings).

​Have your say

This is a chance for the community to create a built environment that is more than a physical space, it is an expression of identity.  There will be an emphasis in both documents on the practicality of ideas and cost for both Council and building owners.

Council will be seeking ideas from the community until the end of November 2019. 

We will be collecting your views and ideas in a variety of ways – you will be welcome to come to one of our meetings, there will be a chance to provide feedback on Facebook, by hardcopy form, or use the online form below. You can also discuss the project directly with Sue Robb, Policy Planner on 07 315 3030.


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