Opotiki Harbour Development

​​The Opotiki Harbour Development Project is set to revitalise Opotiki.

World demand for seafood is increasing rapidl​y. The World Bank predicts aquaculture will supply over 60 percent of the fish we eat by 2030. Opotiki is poised to contribute, with 160 kilometres of coastline encompassing thousands of hectares of highly productive seawater that has the potential to support a sizable aquaculture industry.

Large scale aquaculture requires a safe, accessible harbour for boats servicing and harvesting product from offshore marine farms. The existing Opotiki harbour entrance is limited to smaller boats, which can only cross the bar in good conditions. The Opotiki Harbour Development Project will provide access for larger boats by creating an entrance that is navigable in all but the worst conditions, enabling Opotiki to become a service and processing base for aquaculture and other marine related industries.

The Opotiki Harbour Development Project is underpinned by a strong commitment from local community leaders, including iwi and Council, to improve the community's social and economic wellbeing by creating new jobs, increasing the average household income across the district, and adding millions to the economy.​

Read Te Ara Moana a Toi - a path to the sea (redacted version).pdf​ 

Page reviewed: 20 Aug 2020 11:30am