Unite for the recovery

​​​New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 1. For more information go to uniteforrecovery.govt.nz

​During lockdown Alert Levels 4 and 3 we focused on ensuring delivery of essential services, our emergency response, business as usual where possible, the beginnings of a response to help us recover, and ongoing work on our major projects such as the harbour development.

At Level 2 we returned our focus to business as usual with measures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. 

At Level 1 we're back to business as usual with all of our services and facilities operational. Our office, Library, i-SiTE, parks, reserves, playgrounds, public toilets and pound are all open. Our resource recovery centres are open and our urban refuse and recycling collection continues as normal. 

We're focussing on recovery and progressing the key facility and infrastructure projects outlined in our Long Term Plan. These are key to our recovery plan - it is about job creation, sustainable economic growth, and bringing financial and social benefits to our communities.​

COVID-19 Information, help and support

​​The government's Unite for Recovery website contains information on COVID-19, health and mental well-being support and advice, financial support and jobs and training information, business support and resources and community support, 

For a list of local and national support available check our Community support and services page​.

COVID-19 and rates

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and may have trouble paying your rates on time there is a range of resources that may be of help.​​ For a list of available options see our Rates page​.
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