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Rating and Valuation Database

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The District's Property Database provides some interesting facts.

The District's boundaries encompass over 3,000 sq km of which, 70% is unrateable (50% because it is Department of Conservation land and 20% for other reasons).  However, unrateable land makes up just over 5% of the District's Capital Value of some $1.5 billion.

The District contains 5,800 individually titled properties, about 600 of which are not rateable (DOC land, Schools, Marae, Churches, etc).

You can view the full property database during business hours at Council, 108 St John Street, Opotiki or by clicking on the links below.

Abbot Lane (PDF, 6Kb)
Airstrip Road (PDF, 6Kb)
Albert Road (PDF, 7Kb)

Albert Street (PDF, 36 KB)
Amokura Road (PDF, 39 KB)
Apanui Road (PDF, 35 KB)
Appleton Road (PDF, 38 KB)
Arakotipu Boulevard (PDF, 38 KB)
Armstrong Road (PDF, 35 KB)

Baird Road (PDF, 34 KB)
Balneavis Place (PDF, 34 KB)
Beach Road (PDF, 35 KB)
Beach Road Extension (PDF, 37 KB)

Block Access Road (PDF, 35 KB)
Brabant Street (PDF, 39 KB)
Bridge Street (PDF, 46 KB)
Browns Road (PDF, 35 KB)
Bryans Road (PDF, 37 KB)
Buchanan Street (PDF, 42 KB)

Cemetery Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Chatfield Place (PDF, 34 Kb)

Church Street (PDF, 46 Kb)
Clarks Cross Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Copenhagen Road (PDF, 42 Kb)
Crooked Road (PDF, 35 Kb)

Dawson Drive (PDF, 34 Kb)
Dickinsons Road (PDF, 34 Kb)

Dip Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Dr Reid Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Duke Street (PDF, 39 Kb)
Dunlops Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Edna Place (PDF, 34 Kb)

Elliott Street (PDF, 39 Kb)  

Factory Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Fisher Place (PDF, 34 Kb)

Ford Street (PDF, 49 Kb)
Forsyth Street (PDF, 35 Kb)
Frasers Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Fromow Road (PDF, 35 Kb)

Gabriels Gully Road (PDF, 37 Kb)
Gaskill Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Gault Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Goring Street (PDF, 423 Kb)
Gows Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Grant Road (PDF, 45 Kb)
Grey Street (PDF, 36 Kb)

Hanaia Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Harrisons Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Hata Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Herema (McKays Road) Road (PDF, 36Kb)

High Street (PDF, 39 Kb)
Hikurangi Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Hukutaia Road (PDF, 43 Kb)
Hinahinanui Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Hiwarau Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Hotel Road (PDF, 41 Kb)

Jacksons Road (PDF, 36 Kb)


Kelly Street (PDF, 35 Kb)
King Street (PDF, 43 Kb)

Kukumoa Key (PDF, 34 Kb)
Kutarere Cemetery Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Kutarere Wharf Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Looney Road (PDF, 34 Kb)


Malcolm Street (PDF, 34 Kb)
Maraenui Pa Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Matchitt Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Maungaroa Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
McCarthys Road (PDF, 37 Kb)

McGinleys Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
McGregors Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
McNabbs Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Mihaere Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Mission Place (PDF, 36 Kb)
Moanui Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Moody Place (PDF, 33 Kb)
Motu Road (PDF, 46 Kb)
Muriwai Boulevard (PDF, 34 Kb)

Nelson Street (PDF, 44 Kb)

Ngarue Road (PDF, 36 Kb)  

Ohiwa Beach Road (PDF, 39 Kb)
Ohiwa Cove Rise (PDF, 7 Kb)
Ohiwa Harbour Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Ohiwa Loop Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Ohutu Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Old Coast Road (PDF, 34 Kb)

Old Creamery Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Omaio Pa Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Omaio School Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Omarumutu Road (PDF, 43 Kb)
Opape Beach Road (PDF, 38 Kb)
Orete Forest Road (PDF, 35 Kb)

Orete Point Road (PDF, 39 Kb)
Otara East Road (PDF, 40 Kb)
Otara Road (PDF, 44 Kb)
Otutehapare Road (PDF, 38 Kb)

Paerata Ridge Road (PDF, 45 Kb)
Pakihi Road (PDF, 39 Kb)
Pakihikura Key (PDF, 34 Kb)
Papanui Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Para-Rauaruhe Crescent (PDF, 38 Kb)

Parekura Hei Road (PDF, 38 Kb)
Parautu Road (PDF, 7 KB)
Parkinson Road (PDF, 33 Kb)
Patuone Key (PDF, 34 Kb)
Payne Avenue (PDF, 36 Kb)
Petersen Place (PDF, 35 Kb)

Pile Road (PDF, 33 Kb)
Pilkington Place (PDF, 35 Kb)
Pohutukawa Drive (PDF, 34 Kb)
Potts Avenue (PDF, 36 Kb)
Princess Street (PDF, 36 Kb)

Rangihaerepo Key (PDF, 34 Kb)
Rankins Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Rawinia Place (PDF, 35 Kb)

Redpath Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Reeves Road (PDF, 38 Kb)
Richard Street (PDF, 49 Kb)
Rimu Rimu Key (PDF, 34 Kb)
Roache Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Ruatuna Road (PDF, 39 Kb)

Sedgewick Road (PDF, 40 Kb)
Snells Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
St John Street (PDF, 45 Kb)
Stanley Place (PDF, 34 Kb)

State Highway 2 (PDF, 54 Kb)
State Highway 35 (PDF, 182 Kb)
Stewart Street (PDF, 41 Kb)
Stoney Creek Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Sundell Place (PDF, 34 Kb)

Tablelands Road (PDF, 42 Kb)
Takaputahi Road (PDF, 39 Kb)
Tarndale Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Tawaroa Station Road (PDF, 39 Kb)
Te Kaha Church Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Te Karaka Key (PDF, 33 Kb)
Te Maara Place (PDF, 37 Kb)
Te Papa Place (PDF, 34 Kb)
Te Rere Pa Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Te Waiiti Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Thompson Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Tirohanga Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Toones Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Travis Place (PDF, 35 Kb)
Tutaetoko Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Union Street (PDF, 42 Kb)


Vanstone Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Vedders Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Verralls Road (PDF, 38 Kb)
Victoria Street (PDF, 35 Kb)
View Road (PDF, 36 Kb)

Wagner Place (PDF, 35 Kb)
Waiata Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Waikuku Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Wainui Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Wainui (Torere) Road (PDF, 41 Kb)
Waioeka Pa Road (PDF, 38 Kb)
Waioeka Road (PDF, 40 Kb)
Waiotahi Back Road (PDF, 35 Kb)

Waiotahi Drifts Boulevard (PDF, 38 Kb)
Waiotahi Valley Road (PDF, 42 Kb)
Wairakaia Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Wairata Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Walker Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Walker Road Extension (PDF, 35 Kb)
Warrington Road (PDF, 36 Kb)
Wellington Street (PDF, 45 Kb)
Whakaari Road (PDF, 34 Kb)
Wharf Street (PDF, 34 Kb)
Whitikau Road (PDF, 35 Kb)
Wi Tupaea Road (PDF, 37 Kb)
Windsor Street (PDF, 35 Kb)
Woodlands Road (PDF, 48 Kb)