Property File Requests


​​​​​​​​​How can I request a copy of information held in a property file?

We need you to complete the form below so that we can access the physical file available and its size before we ask you to pay for a partial or full copy.

We will then send you our standard Property File Request Form along with an estimate of the charges.​

This then gives you the opportunity to decide if you wish to go ahead with your request.

What is the cost?

Important please note:

Our standard charges for digital copies (per page) are:

A4 B/W $0.50c

A4 colour $1.50

A3 B/W $1.00

A3 colour $3.00

A2 Colour $15.00

A1 B/W $10.00

Complete file $45 ...More than 1 hour compiling digital copy charged at actual and reasonable costs

How will I receive my digital copy?

This depends on the size of the digital file.  It may be emailed directly to you.  We may send you a link to a large file transfer site for you to download the file or you can request that it be provided on a DVD/disk. Copies sent on DVD/disks will incur extra charges for media, postage and packaging costs.

Request a property file assessment


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