Street Stalls

​​​​​​Please note that you will need to get the approval of the shop owner outside of which you would like to hold your stall.

Under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 a stall can only be held on a restricted trading day if it is selling "prepared or cooked food ready to be eaten immediately". Any other activity (e.g. selling raffle tickets, promoting services) would be prohibited unless the stall is part of a bona fide exhibition or show.

These restrictions will apply on Easter Sunday unless you act in accordance with ODC's Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy and in accordance with the requirements of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990.

We will let you know if your application is approved or declined.  If your application is approved we will email you a signed copy of the completed form.

Please ensure you follow the guidelines in the Checklist for food stall holders (PDF, 8KB)​.​

Street Stalls

This is the date the licence is required for.
Please list type such as busking, raffle, food stall etc
Terms and conditions
Stalls (food and non-food). The name of the organisation must be clearly displayed at all times. Only ONE non-profit making organisations may carry out fundraising by way of a stall on any ONE day in the main street. The width of the stall is not to exceed one third of the width of the pavement. (If a food stall) the area of the pavement that will be affected by the cooking of food must be covered in a suitable material, ie, tarpaulin, cardboard etc. This will ensure the appearance of the pavement is maintained at high level. This permit is not transferrable to any other person. A copy of this consent must be kept at the location of the stall at all times while the stall is in operation. A separate application must be made for each day the applicant wishes to set up a stall. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you confirm you have been granted approval by the shop owner in front of whose business you plan to hold your stall.
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