Severe weather event update

Update - 15 February 2018 - 3pm

Motu Road is now open with caution.​

​Update - 14 February 2018 - 5pm

Though the rain has stopped, river levels are going down and infrastructure is recovering, ground water levels are still high, so pressure will remain on the wastewater system until these levels drop off.

Council received many service requests during the storm and we still have some that need to be attended to. We want to thank the community for their patience as we do our best to resolve outstanding issues.

Just yesterday we posted photos of the Tutaetoko bridge wash out and already today the contractors have made great progress on the repairs!

We hope you get to enjoy time with your significant other today - Happy Valentines.​

​Road closure update - 14 February 2018 - 11.20am​

Pakahi Road – open with extreme caution to residents only and only by 4WD – access is via Gault Rd/Otara East Rd which are also under caution.

Tutaetoko Road – closed - wash out of the bridge approach

Gault Road and Otara East Road – now open but with extreme caution - mud on the road surfaces left from floodwaters has caused the surface to become very slippery

Mōtū Road (Waiaua) – no further update available at this time - contractors investigating

For updates on State Highway travel please check the NZTA traffic and travel site. ​

Severe weather event update - 13 February 2018 4.30pm

Severe weather event update – 13 February 2018 4.30pm

Some thunderstorm watches have been issued for parts of the North Island today. While Ōpōtiki is not under a watch at this time, it is always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest watches and warnings at

Our rivers are returning to normal levels which means we will have more capacity if there is further rain; though more rain will mean any surface water will take longer to recede.

The Otara catchment area suffered from the heaviest downpours yesterday and some of the more remote areas were still cut off by slips and flooding this morning. We managed to get up in a helicopter earlier to check for damage and make plans for clearing roads and regaining access.

Our road closures remain as posted earlier today and portaloos remain in the previously listed locations and for updates on SH travel information please check the NZTA traffic and travel site.​


The picture of Tutaetoko Bridge was taken yesterday and shows the wash out of the bridge approach. Other images are aerial shots of some of the flooding in Ōpōtiki and a slip up the Pakihi.

Safety and hygiene after a flood - 13 February 2018 3.20pm

Ponding water can sometimes become contaminated so we thought it would be a good time to share some info on how to protect the health of you and your whānau after a flood event.

Always assume that all flood water is potentially contaminated with run-off which may include faecal matter from animals. Children in particular should keep away from flood waters.

Hand washing is always vitally important to help prevent the spread of disease.

Another reason to stay out of flood waters is you may risk being injured by debris or uneven or slippery surfaces.

There is useful information on the Toi Te Ora website, including Keep the Bugs at Bay:
And a reminder not to swim for 48 hours after heavy rain:

Don't forget to keep livestock or other animals from accessing pooled water where there may be a risk of contamination from effluent or chemicals.

​Severe weather event update – 13 February 2018 9.00am

With the easing of rainfall over night river levels have subsided and flood waters are beginning to go down. There is still a lot of ponding present around the district and it will be a few days yet before debris is cleared and damage repaired. Ponding in low lying areas of the Township is being pumped away so that access can be reopened. Caution is advised on all roads but especially rural roads as it will take some time for road crews to get around the district. (List of current road closures is included below).

We would especially like to ask folk not to drive through Albert Street. This road is closed due to flooding and the waves created by cars continuing to drive through it are causing inundation of peoples properties.

The wastewater pumps remain working. The wastewater system capacity is slowly recovering – this takes a bit of time due to high ground water levels so we have again included the list of portaloo locations below for those that require it.

The following roads are closed:

Mōtū Road (Waiaua)
Tutaetoko Road – blocked from slip and investigations being carried out on the bridge so may be closed for some time
Gault Road
Pakahi Road
Otara East Road
Toones Road
Waiotahi Valley Road

Tirohanga is open with cautio


NZTA have advised SH 2 Waioeka Gorge is open but down to one lane in parts. They have crews working to clear today.

We will continue to provide updates as information comes to hand and as always if you have any issues you can contact us by phone 07 3153030 email or use our online Request a Service form at

Portaloo locations:

Cnr Richard and Nelson Streets
Cnr Buchanan and Bridge Streets
Cnr Buchanan and Wellington Streets
Peria House
CBD public toilets open all night
Cnr Richard and Windsor Streets
Cnr Richard and Buchanan Streets
Kaumatua Flats​

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