Policy passed for trading on Easter Sunday

Opotiki District Council resolved to adopt a Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy allowing businesses in all parts of the District to trade on Easter Sunday if they choose to do so.

Recent changes to the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016, gives councils around the country the ability to develop a policy which would allow trading on Easter Sunday in all or parts of the district. 

The new policy gives shops the flexibility to open on Easter Sunday at their discretion.

The decision follows a Special Consultative Procedure as required under the Local Government Act 2002. Council received a small number of formal submissions – three in support of the policy and one opposed.

The Council report noted that employers would need to provide notice to their employees if they wished them to work on Easter Sunday and that employees had the ability to refuse to work on Easter Sunday without supplying a reason.

The Council report also noted that all other legislation continued to apply such restrictions to opening hours and liquor licencing continue to apply (liquor cannot be sold on Easter Sunday) and clarified that it is not Council's role to ensure compliance with the legislation. 

This policy is available at the Council offices 108 St John Street, Opotiki​.​ or on the Policy ​page on this website.

Page reviewed: 05 Apr 2017 1:16pm