Council launches new website

Opotiki​ District Council are excited to announce the launch of their new and improved website.

Advances in technology and the huge increase in the use of mobile devices since Council's current website was released meant there was a need for a new site that would be responsive and provide options for online services.

Significant design and development work was undertaken to meet the needs of Council's customers whose expectations have changed greatly since the last launch in 2009.

Business Innovation and Communications Advisor Tracey Dale explains some the advantages of the new site.

"With over 50% of our web traffic now coming from mobile devices we love that our new website will be responsive.  This means it will adjust to the dimensions of the device being used - from desktop to tablet to mobile.  Users connecting to the site will now experience a seamless transition from one medium to the next on ALL their devices.

The new website gives Council the ability to provide more services online.  Ratepayers can expect to see e-services functionality added later in the year which will allow them to login to the site to have online access to requests, registrations and licensing etc.  This is the way many expect to conduct business now so the site is all about making our services easier to access for our ratepayers.

Not only does the new site have higher levels of security and compliance it also has a wide range of new navigation features which we hope the community will appreciate.  I'm sure our new Property and Rating search will be popular.  Just type in an address, a valuation number or a legal description to view property valuations, rates instalment dates and amounts with real time search results.

Users can expect to see a range of new features rolled out during the year and we are always keen to receive feedback and suggestions on improvements and additions. Our General Feedback form is a great way to send us your thoughts.

Page reviewed: 06 Apr 2017 11:30am