Other Strategic Projects

​​​​Council's strategic projects are set in the Long Term Plan (LTP).  

The LTP is underpinned by the principles of consolidation and prudent financial management, affordability and getting prepared for future growth opportunities. The two significant investments over the next ten year period (The Opotiki Harbour Transformation Project and renewal of the Opotiki Township Sewerage Reticulation Network) combined, represent approximately 74% of Council’s total capital expenditure over the next decade. Alongside these projects is a need for Council as an organisation to grow capacity and capability to support the projects and the resulting growth.

Full details on all of the strategic projects listed here can be found in the Opotiki District Council 2015​-25 Long Term Plan​. 

Of particular interest will be Part 1 - Council Priorities and Direction.  Further detailed information on our Infrastructure Strategy can be found in the Appendices (PDF 962KB) section of the plan.

Works planned for the 2017-18 financial year to progress Council's key projects are listed below and further information can be found in the 2017-18 Annual Plan​​ (PDF 4.5MB).

Te Kaha Water Supplies

New pipeline extensions proposed to be completed in Te Kaha in 2016/17 have been delayed due to
difficulties in obtaining access agreements. As a result a portion the Southern Extension projects are
now planned to be completed in the first half of 2017/18.​

Asset Renewal

Council will continue with programmed works to maintain and upgrade its assets:

  • Replace water meters that are wearing out (a previously deferred project)
  • Reseal sections of urban and rural pavements, re-metal unsealed road surfaces in accordance with the asset management plan programme
  • Complete the annual rehabilitation / upgrade urban street project as per the asset management plan programme.

Road Seal Extension

During the LTP preparation, Council consulted on what would be done about continuing road seal extensions within the district where New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) no longer provided 60 percent funding assistance. Recent changes to NZTA’s funding principles meant that they would no longer provide funding for these types of capital works, and there was a risk of losing the operational renewal funding for them in future.

Consultation resulted in a reasonably split decision about ceasing seal extension or carrying it on. In order to gain a better understanding of the situation, Council decided when adopting the LTP to put seal extensions on hold for a year while investigating options. There is still significant demand and need for seal extensions across the district, particularly where there is an economic benefit, for example dust suppression around kiwifruit orchards.

Council took these views into consideration through this AP process and have put aside budget in the 2016/17 Annual Plan to undertake a maximum of 2km seal extension work should a ratepayer request it and provide 60 percent of the cost that would previously have been funded by NZTA.  Should there be no demand to seal new roads, Council will carry forward the budget to the following year, and the same principles will apply.

Council will review this stance constantly and wherever there are other funding opportunities, or changes in NZTA’s funding assistance rates.

Walkways/Coastal Access

The LTP provides for the incremental development of walkways and coastal access and $50,000 is allocated annually. Council intends to continue developing a range of opportunities and to provide the Motu Trails Charitable Trust with $20,000 to market the Motu Trails for the economic benefits that are starting to become apparent.

Other Projects

​Motu Trails - Cycle Trail Extensions

A project was approved in the 2015-2015 LTP for staged extensions to Motu Trails.

Building on the success of Mōtū Trails, new pedestrian / cycle trails are planned to link Ōpōtiki to Ōhiwa. Budget provides for the staged development of this route and other trails that will complement Mōtū Trails. A proposal has been presented to NZ Cycle Trails that, if successful, could result in funding from central government.​

Read more about these projects here​ Motu Trails - Cycle Trail Extensions pamphlet​ (PDF 1.07MB).


Engineering reports have identified that the central 1920’s portion of the wharf needs to be demolished as it is potentially hazardous.

In June 2017, ODC resolved to demolish the unsafe 1920s section of the wharf. A contract was listed on GETS on 8 June 2017 for the demolition and removal of the 1920s constructed section of the Ōpōtiki Wharf reinforced concrete structure and the supply and construction of a new sheet pile wall and concrete footpath. Tenders closed on 6 July 2017.​

Opotiki Water

New water supply trunk mains were proposed for Otara Rd in 2016/17 and Factory Rd in 2017/18 to
provide for growth and greater resilience of Ōpōtiki’s water supply. An opportunity arose to take
advantage of significant cost savings for both trunk mains during the procurement process for the
Otara Rd portion. Council resolved to complete both projects in the 2016/17 year.

Renewals will be carried out on aging components at the Ōpōtiki water treatment plant.


The Opotiki township suffers from severe stormwater flooding due to its low elevation above sea level and location between two rivers. To combat this, two projects were proposed for the 2017/18 year. The first was installation of a flood water storage area around Tarawa Creek to provide relief from high intensity rainfall and the second was a new trunk main along Richard St to facilitate flow to the storage area. Investigations completed in 2016/17 suggest that the storage area and trunk main could cost more than budgeted due to the presence of a historic landfill and high ground water levels. Further investigation is being carried out to develop additional options.

Condition assessments of the existing Richard St trunk main found a section of the main has been​ damaged by ground movement. Replacement of this section is proposed for 2017/18 to coincide with installation of the proposed new stormwater trunk main.

​A gravity main will be extended along King St to relieve ponding at the northern end of Goring St.

Coast Initiatives Fund

The annual allocation has been approved for the Coast Initiatives fund.  The Coast Community Board have delegation to spend this money on projects on the Coast ward, within a range of criteria.

Community Development

Council have listened to the community and been planning for the provision of better connectivity and high speed internet in the district. This has been in a number of forms, through working with local provider Evolution Networks, to submitting registrations of interest to the Government for the second phase of ultra-fast broadband (UFB2) roll out. Initial responses from the Government have indicated that those local authorities that invest in providing better connectivity in their district will move up the ranks in terms of where the Government will allocate funding for UFB2.

Council will continue to grow the CCTV network in the town CBD over the next few years to ensure the
safety of personnel and property in the community. We have been approached already by a number of
businesses about joining onto the Council network and will invest further in infrastructure to make this
a possibility. This will provide additional options for businesses when they renew expensive security
camera equipment in the future.​
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